The Raw Food Diet

Served to the Rescued Dogs at Illinois Cocker Rescue

Recipes: Feeding Your New Dog

Many of the rescued dogs that find their way to Illinois Cocker Rescue have spent their entire lives fed a commercial pet food. Consequently, many arrive with dry flaky coats, ear infections, skin allergies, tartar-coated teeth, clogged anal sacs, flea infestation, and so forth. Yet within a couple of months on a natural raw diet, many of these problems are eliminated.  Most skin and ear ailments naturally disappear, their coats begin to thicken and shine, and their energy level increases. Why?  Because these foods provide the nutrients their bodies require.


All living creatures require fresh raw foods to stay in optimum health.  Raw foods contain enzymes that retard the aging process and contain many nutrients that are lost when foods are cooked or processed.  These nutrients strengthen the body and enable it to ward off illness. Just as it is important for us to eat fresh fruits and veggies, dogs need the same, but additionally need the enzymes in raw meat and bones.


The key to a balanced raw diet is 50% meat (phosphorus) and 50% raw meaty bones (calcium), and to feed a wide variety of foods to your dog to ensure that he receives the necessary nutrients to sustain a healthy and vital life.  We often add a variety of pureed veggies, as well as raw eggs (and ground shells), yogurt or cottage cheese to our raw meat mixture. 


·         Meats.  Ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, ground lamb, canned mackerel or salmon, fresh fish, chunks of beef.


·         Raw Meaty Bones.  Raw chicken wings, necks, backs, turkey necks, pork necks, chicken leg quarters.


Raw meaty bones (RMBs) are one of the most important ingredients in your dog's diet.  RMBs not only supply calcium and provide essential nutrients, but they naturally clean dogs’ teeth as well as fill a primal need of the dog to chew, pull, and gnaw.  Beware of feeding your dog COOKED bones are EXTREMELY dangerous (they can splinter and cause serious internal damage).
There are a number of frozen or freeze-dried versions of the raw food diet.

Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™
Oma's Pride
Aunt Jeni's

Nature's Variety

Tundra Diets

Bravo Raw Diet
Northwest Naturals


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